Monday, August 16, 2010

sweet, sweet sugarboo.

there are no words.. for my love of this company.

they are everything that i love about a good company.

run by a husband and wife whose mission is to "make homemade products that add soul to the home," i just cant get enough of their signs and artwork. check out their website here.

and here are some of my personal favorites and commentary,

(awwww.. try not to get all misty eyed on me.)

(so dreamy for a master bedroom.)

(one of my ABSOLUTE favorites, this piece would work ANYWHERE.
i want it above my bed.)

(how sweet is that? again, dont cry. a perfect baby gift. and how cute would it be above a crib?)

(i saved this one for last. its also one of my favorites. and i think it
would just look fantastic on those gray walls i have been talking about that have
been giving me so many problems. so dreamy.)

*on a side note, you may find some artwork that looks very similar to these pieces, but dont buy them. they are not the original. even if they are cheaper, they are not worth it. there are several companies that try to rip off sugarboo's creativity and it just breaks my heart. stay true.

want to buy some sugarboo? guess what, we sell it at lulu, you know the place i work?

what a coincidence? i know. so i guess you are going to have to come see me at work.

and check out our blog here.

see you soon.

much love,

mary morgan

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  1. I saw some of their work in a boutique in Denver recently. I loved it.
    Thanks for the shout-out. Love.