Tuesday, August 10, 2010

oh atlanta.

got to say, i like atlanta, a lot. i really like that atlanta has some big city stores that we dont have in nashville, like ikea. and that its only 4 hours away. well "only 4 hours" is kind of a stretch, i kind of wish it was like "only 30 minutes" away.

moving on.

ikea. i cannot even put into words how much i love this place. like really, i cant.

yesterday my friend libby and myself (see photo below) decided to try driving to atlanta, shop till we drop, eat dinner and drive back to nashville, in one day. it was quite the experience.

(libby and i at the beach in may. i love the beach. and this girl.)

you see we just needed to pick up a few things for our new place. by a few i mean,

-a dresser
-a wall of picture frames
-curtains for 4 windows
-a shower curtain
-an entertainment center
and 12 euro pillows for work

so i took a before and after photo:

(before: all we had was one box of capri suns, a set of curtains,
and a tubberware tub of muffins, our breakfast)

(after: we got EVERYTHING on our list and we stuck to it, nothing less nothing more)

a few things i learned on this trip:

- spending a lot of money is not fun.
-ikea furniture weighs A TON. next time, bring a man. or two. and do not start laughing while trying to lift furniture. it will prevent you from getting anything done.
-if you need an all-access tour of atlanta, i got your guy.
-the flying biscuit in midtown has very, very, very good biscuits. and the little side thing with them is jelly, not salad dressing.
-the parking garage at ikea is very hot, especially if you are loading furniture. don't do it.
-ikea does not take credit cards over the phone.
-you can drive to atlanta and back in one day, it just takes lots of coffee, good food, someone to drive you around the city so you can take a power nap, lots of country music mixed cd's, and 10 pm dipped cones.

best of luck.

much love,

mary morgan


  1. So much fun! I want to go to Ikea. I've never been. I'm actually going to Market in Atlanta with Jeremy's mom and sister on Friday...Maybe I can convince them to make time for Ikea. Looks like y'all definitely made the most of your trip.

  2. I call attending your next whirl wind trip to IKEA!!! love you