Saturday, August 14, 2010

friday night lights.

now i am not going to lie to you, i do love football, but i don't necessarily know a lot about the game of football. if you asked me to call a play or list off all of the positions and their significance, i would fail. miserably.

but i do know that i love the game. i love the story's that go along with the game, the season and the players. i guess you could call this the romanticized game of football, but oh well, i will take what i can get.

i love bundling up on friday nights and going to games, i love making the trek to knoxville for game days, i love to fall asleep to the sound of professional games on tv on a sunday afternoon...

okay, so i may not be the best football fan, but i am an excellent cheerleader.

the point of this post: friday night lights

i love everything about this show. i could talk for days about the characters. tammy is my favorite. no, riggins. no, saracen. no, coach. ugh. i don't know. its too hard.

if you don't watch this show, you need to. that's the point of this post.

i just bought the first season (which i have already seen one million times) for $15 bucks at walmart. what a steal. i was going to buy a bath rug, but i bought this instead.

i just might even let you borrow it, that is how much i want to share this gift with you.

but you have to give me your social security number and credit card number to check it out.

i'm just kidding, i'm joking with you. but maybe..

much love,

mary morgan

ps- don't go trying to just jump in and start watching it on tv on friday nights, thats just cheating yourself. start at the beginning and work your way up till present. you wont regret it.

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  1. I think you should give credit to who shared the seasons of this show with you...