Saturday, April 24, 2010

i sew.

first, i wanted to show you the beautiful roses i got this past week. we had our last SGA meeting at school and it was bittersweet. bitter, because it was my last meeting as student body president and sweet, because they surprised me with these pretty little things and an hour massage at essential therapy. thank you. thank you. thank thank you. to 'my boys' and the senate.

now on to more crafty things.. i went home and picked up this heavy, heavy, heavy machine. its my necchi sewing machine. its my favorite because a. it was free (a hand me down from my aunt and uncle) 2. it is HEAVY duty (no plastic here, its pure metal) 3. its simple (no fancy computer screen or tricky buttons)

four years ago i couldn't sew a straight line. but thanks to many, many, sewing, construction and flat pattern classes and many, many hours spent in the closet (literally) they like to call "the clothing lab" it think its time to put all that education to some good use.

so i went to fabric heaven, aka textile fabrics and found these pretty little prints.

and then i decided to make another "katie dress." here it is mid-progress (right before i screwed up and had to rip out the whole back side with my seam ripper, hey i never said i was perfect. it takes lots and lots, multiply 'lots' times 100, of practice.

and here is my favorite part about sewing, the pressing (aka: ironing). i love ironing. it's my stress release. there is just something about taking a wrinkly old piece of fabirc and making it all smooth and pretty again. and proper pressing is the key to a well made garment. i promise. its all about the details.

and drum roll please. here is the first finished product. and my cute friend laura modeling, thank you. i have also started a shirt and a baby's dress. so stay tuned.

so heres to putting your degree to good use. somewhere my parents are wandering what they are going to do with me.

got to love a middle child.

much love,

mary morgan

Thursday, April 22, 2010

words of wisdom.

this hangs above my bed. i hope it brings you a little encouragement and joy today.

it says,
"for beautiful eyes, look for the good in others, for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you will never be alone."

oh audrey. you are simply wonderful.

much love,

mary morgan

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i love modge podge.

man, could modge podge be any more awesome than it already is? i just love this stuff. in case you have not had the privilege of working with modge podge you need to go to your nearest hobby lobby (and if you dont know what hobby lobby is, thats a whole different story for another day) and buy a bottle. now. seriously, your craft life will be changed forever. here is what i made my mom for her birthday this year. it was super easy to make and made the perfect personalized gift.

modge podge, thank you for your existence.

happy crafting.

much love,

mary morgan

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the katie dress.

this past sunday afternoon i was looking around the craft room at home trying to find something to do and then i found this old floral fabric. four hours later..a dress. (if you ever want to learn about patience, learn to sew. or if you are a boy, learn to fish).

it was super easy to make.. i simply sewed the skirt portion, hemmed and ruffled the top. i bought the tank at target and used the excess fabric to make the ruffle and voila a simple sundress.

i like to call it "the katie dress."

special thanks to my best friend, roommate, kindred spirit, katie for being my model.

much love,

mary morgan

independent study.

as a senior textiles and apparel major i was able to pick a special topic for an independent study for my last semester in college. i chose to study surface design. i researched the history of textile surface design, techniques and surface designers, but my favorite part of my independent study was researching textiles through out the decades and one of my best resources was this blog.

here are some of my favorites.





much love,

mary morgan

Thursday, April 8, 2010

pure joy.

i cannot even put into words how much joy the artwork of tricia robinson brings to this young southern girls life. check out her website and adorable blog. i am convinced we are kindred spirits (she talks about anne of green gables a lot) and would love to paint with her one day. on my recent trip to 30-A i halted my bike one day as we were riding past a little art shop to take a peak and i swear my heart skipped a beat, i as so excited! i cant wait till she comes to nashville to the harding academy art show at the end of april! here are some of my favorites (although i am pretty sure i would adore anything she created)....

this cake makes my heart smile every time.

this is the life i have always dreamed of.
home sweet home, dancing in the moonlight and a good southern boy in gingham.

i want to buy this one for my dad, although i just dont think
he would appreciate it as much as i would.

if you are ever having a bad day here is what you need to do:
go get yourself a cruiser, a basket and go for a ride.
it will bring your heart instant joy. pure joy.

thank you for spreading the joy.

much love,

mary morgan

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

its all about love.

today i was blessed to hear the story of one incredible lady. here name is pam cope and you need to read here story first and you can find it right here.

you see this woman who i have never met has taught me so much about life and love over the past few hours that i have known her sweet, sweet story.

over the past few days, weeks, and months i have found myself a little stressed, to say the least. growing up and finding a big girl job has been a little harder than i thought it would ever be. but over the past few months i have also been blessed with a season of humbleness and weakness. through it all i have learned so much about myself and hearing pam's story has been the icing on the cake.

pam went through more than any mother should ever have to endure and she turned her season of sadness and loss into a beautiful ministry and life. i am truly inspired by everything she has overcome and everything she has defeated.

i pray that one day i can be a faithful woman just like her.

here she is with some of her "children" in ghana.

i cant wait to get my hands on her book too.

God is so good to those who love him. i love life's simple messages.. always remember its all about love.

have a blessed day.

much love,

mary morgan