Friday, January 28, 2011

a day off.

today i was forced to take the day off.

i still haven't unpacked from my trip to atlanta two weeks ago.


today i plan on doing the following..

- 20 loads of laundry

- yoga. because i don't remember the last time i did yoga.

- visit the craft store. because its where i belong.

- watch jerry mcguire. because its always on E! and no matter how much i dislike tom cruise i still love the ending of that movie.

- go to trader joes and buy hydrangeas. because they are my favorite. and i need them.

- finish reading one of the three books i am currently reading.

- go to sonic happy hour. because i miss happy hour.

- wear tennis shoes. because i am always more productive when i am wearing my tennis shoes.

- look at flights to the beach. look at flights to the caribbean. look at flights to montana. look at flights to NYC. i need a vacation.

- clean the garage and organize my craft room. because my craft room is the garage.

- bake something. because its what i do.

much love,

mary morgan

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


(click on image for larger version)

much love,

mary morgan

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

speaking of travel.

my friends and i are planning a little trip for march before my bff gets married.

i would like to go to blackberry farm and lounge all day in adirondack chairs, ride horses and spend the evenings rocking on the porch.

i guess i could just go to my actual farm to do that, minus the horse part.

i am scared of our horses.

they always say the grass is greener on the other side.

but our horses really are scary. and crazy.

moving on.

(look at those rockers, adorable.)
(love the interior design. modern. rustic. comfortable.)
(more beautiful rockers, they must of gotten a deal.)
(so crisp.)
(i would never get out of that bed.)
(please look at the plaid flooring. i die.)
(beautiful gates for a beautiful place.)
(i love the masculinity of this room.)
(i am a sucker for adirondack chairs, a few years a ago i dragged some out
of our shed and begged my dad to repair them. i think my brother stole them.)
(i am in love.)

so dreamy.

gosh dang it.

much love,

mary morgan

Monday, January 24, 2011


i have not blogged in a very, very long time.

since the last time i blogged lots of things have happened in my life.

so here are some random but important statements about my life lately.

i had a beautiful white christmas.

santa brought me my favorite frye boots.

thank you dannie russo and the genesco corporation for making my wildest boot dreams come true.

new years eve was magical, as it turns out my friends are fascinating dancers, if you don't own just dance for you wii, buy it.

trust me.

every sunday night i fall more and more in love with my church.

ethos is the biggest blessing in my life.

check out the podcasts here.

i went to market last week.

i consider myself a pretty devoted and well trained shopper but it was intense.

i am still recovering.

two people in my life gave me the book jesus calling by sarah young for christmas.

so i took that as a sign that it was a book that i needed to read.

and it is.

go buy it.


i went to kentucky to play bingo a few weeks ago.

yeah, i kind of got tricked into it.

but it was the most entertaining night.. EVER.

who knew there was such a big kentuckian bingo scene.

its fascinating.

i am counting down the days till we get to go back.

i saw garth brooks in concert before christmas.

there are no words.

it changed my life.

i want to be here right now.

one day i will go to montana.

one day.

i will settle for liepers fork today though.

there is a class of second graders waiting on me to read them a book.

i promise to never ever let a gap this large go between blog post ever, ever again.


much love,

mary morgan