Sunday, August 15, 2010

a few updates.

1. we raised $760 at my yard sale a few weeks ago. we were incredibly blessed. and my new yard sale advice? use craigslist, 75% of the people who came read about it on my craigslist ads. and we had a constant flow of people all day.

2. you know how i said i wouldn't pay full price for the boots? my friend works at nordstrom and she said she might be able to pull some strings. its a sign i tell ya.

3. i would like to state that my friend ashleigh speight simmons (find her blog here.) is the person that introduced me to friday night lights, and for that, i owe her my life.

4. i move in two weeks and i have come to the realization that i give up on decorating until i actually move into the space. it is killing me. literally.

5. remember my favorite artist tricia robinson? (please check out her website here and her blog here. ) well we are thinking about carrying her art in our store and i am beyond excited.

and because i hate posts without pictures, here is my favorite piece of her artwork... if you are looking to buy me something, look no further.

(except i want brunettes)

much love,

mary morgan

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