Thursday, July 29, 2010

getting ready for the sale.

this week i started my new job and have been trying to get ready for the sale, so its been a little crazy to say the least. but i love it. we have collected a ton of great stuff that i have been collecting in a huge pile down in the barn, as you can see in the picture below. thanks to all my friends who have donated great stuff.

and today we will hopefully get the sign up.

its all looking great, i hope you all can make it down to franklin at some point on saturday morning for a little shopping for a great cause.

much love,

mary morgan

ps- still want to donate? email me at

Sunday, July 25, 2010

lazy sunday.

we got home late last night from our week long trip to the beautiful low country of south carolina. the trip was wonderful and there are many, many, many pictures to come. but this morning i woke up and decided to watch the notebook for the one millionth time in my life and wanted to share one of my favorite quotes.

the best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds, and that's what you've given me. that's what I hope to give to you forever. - the notebook

i plan to watch this movie over and over again and paint my little heart out to prepare for my yard sale next saturday.

happy sunday.

much love,

mary morgan

ps- posts are zero fun without pictures. i saw this picture in a restaurant in flat rock, north carolina, had to share.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a yard sale.

i absolutely love yard sales. especially throwing yard sales. so i am doing just that.

once upon a time i had a plan. if i did not find a job by fall i was going to spend some time doing mission work in haiti. but sometimes our plans don't match what God has planned for us.

even though i have a big girl job, that does not mean i am going to leave my hopes of helping haiti behind.

so i am holding a sale. i am calling it a yard sale but it will actually be held in a field and it wont just be old stuff, it will be cool stuff too. i promise. so please come out to support a great cause.

all the proceeds will go to A Healthier Haiti, the missionary and aid group that i was going to work with.

if you would like to help, donate items, or have questions how you can help please email me at or leave a comment.

much love,

mary morgan

Monday, July 12, 2010

i love world market.

we don't have a world market in franklin yet, but i like it that way. because if we did have a world market in franklin i would go there every single day and have zero dollars in my bank account. world market kind of reminds me of the way pier one used to be, simple and great prices.

this past weekend i trekked all the way up to hendersonville to spend the night with my long lost roommate and best friend, katie b. callis to do a little shopping and introduce her to anne of avonlea (the sequel to anne of green gables, rent it at your local library) and of course i demanded that we go to world market. demanded, she did not put up a fight, she knows me to well.

world market never ceases to surprise me with their simple classics and amazingly cheap prices.

here are a view of my favorite world market finds, old and new. (sorry for quality of pictures, i took them with my phone)

these are my favorite cups, i bought four the first time i saw them and when my mom saw them, she fell in love too. so she bought eight so that we would together have a set of twelve for showers and parties. i also bought the everyday cups that match for my apartment. they are my favorite cups. and only $2.99 each. im serious.

my mom uses the goblets to decorate in our kitchen.

i bought these cute little measuring spoons the other night, also only $2.99. wow.

these reusable coffee cups come in a wide range of colors and patterns in store, but i loved the classic white and blue. i cant wait to start my big girl job and use this little cutie everyday. only $6.99. amazing.

you can buy them in pairs from their website, in green and red. but i recommend going to the store and check out the color selection. but if you do not have a world market and are forced to shop online, i guess green and red will just have to do.

katie and i bought this cooler/grill bag for our friends that just got married. they will be living in colorado and we thought this would be a great addition to the many camping trips they will be taking, cause isn't that what everyone does every weekend in colorado? i mean i would. i secretly wanted to buy one, but i dont live in colorado. so i bought a coffee cup instead.

and this is what i wanted to buy, but i didn't. its called self control. i just love polka dots.

happy shopping, tell your bank account i am sorry.

much love,

mary morgan

Friday, July 9, 2010

how great thou art.

this piece was an on going process. i started it this spring, finished the background and then it sat on my dining room table for months. literally, ask my roommates. the reason i couldn't finish it was because i was trying to think of the perfect phrase or quote to write on it. but then it hit me, a hymn. i absolutely love hymns. they are filled with simple truths. i even have a hymns mixed cd. its filled with my favorite country and bluegrass singers singing old songs, and i love it. so do my friends, on a road trip back from atlanta last summer we listened to it the whole way back. okay, enough about hymns.

this is for sale. it is a 12 by 24 acrylic on canvas. the background color is a mossy green, dark robins egg blue center and white lettering. it is $45. please email me at if you are interested.

much love,

mary morgan

Thursday, July 8, 2010

cades cove.

at least two times every year my family heads east. we head to the mountains for a little break from the farm and a time to visit one of our favorite places in the world, cades cove. cades cove is, well, a cove. its a special cove though because it is tucked away in the great smoky mountains national park.

long before it was a national park though is was home, home to several families whose ancestors chose this beautiful place to call home and over the years as the families grew so did the homes in the cove. when the land for the national park was purchased the remaining families agreed to donate their land too, sort of as a way to protect their heritage and their land.

my family loves history more than most families so we make the 30 minute drive into the national park every day, sometimes twice a day, just to visit the cove. we just can not get enough of this beautiful place. its like stepping back in time. and we also love looking for bear too. here are some pictures from our recent trip in may.

here is map of the cove, its a big loop. the loop is 11 miles long and the traffic goes one way. there are places to pull off and park, hike, eat lunch, etc.

the main loop road is recently paved, which makes for a much smoother ride. this picture is of one of the cut through roads to cut back to the other side of the loop, which is still gravel.

at one end of the cove is the visitors center along with a few homes, barns and this mill. its one of my dad and brothers favorite stops. its one of their favorite stops because the want to build one on the farm. every year they talk about it, or more or less my brother talks about it. maybe one day. maybe one day.

we always see lots of bear. probably because we consider ourselves professional bear spotters with the number of trips we have made to the cove. this year we saw three sets of baby triplets. they were too cute. even though they could eat my foot off.
here is the momma and her three babies.

cades cove will forever be one of my favorite places on earth.

if you would like to visit cades cove, visit the national parks website here.

and the best place to stay would be townsend, tennessee. lots of people like to stay in gatlinburg on pigeon forge but we like townsend, its known as the peaceful side of the smokies. there may not be a ripleys believe it or not but sometimes you just need to lock up the family in a cabin for a few days and place scrabble for hours on end.

you can find where we rent our cabin here.

happy vacation planning.

much love,

mary morgan

Monday, July 5, 2010


this past week we wrapped up our last week of gentry farm camp. this year marked the 40th anniversary of senior camp so it was a big year.

week four camp picture.

after regular camp is over we have kids from an inner city program through our church come out for a week on the farm. its always one of my favorite times of the year. here are some pictures from our adventures this week. enjoy.

these kids love the tire swing.

silly boys.

sweet girls on the way to the river.

playing at the river.

keepin' it real.

this is my favorite picture. she is just plain worn out.

much love,

mary morgan

Friday, July 2, 2010

a good deal.

i can never turn down a good deal, especially for something i love. today i found these cuties at hobby lobby for only $2 a piece and then smaller dessert plates for only $1.40. so naturally i bought every last one in stock. for only $18 I got a set of 4 green striped plates and dessert plates and one pink plate.

i just couldn't resist. how cute are they?

oh, and i made the pioneer woman's cinnamon rolls for the last day of camp yesterday, just trust me and make them. find the recipe here.

and why we are on the pioneer woman subject, if you do not have her blog on your bookmark bar, go ahead and do yourself a favor and add it. your life will be changed forever. and read black heels to tractor wheels: a love story. and no this is not a paid for advertisement.

happy blogging.

much love,

mary morgan

emilie sloan.

emilie sloan is a line a fabulous totes and bags that i have fallen head over heels for. not only are the bags simple and classic, there are so many great prints to choose from! i am headed to charleston in a few weeks and i am thinking i just might have to get the boat tote below. sometimes you just got to do what you got to do. check out their website here.

Boat Tote

i will take one in every color pah-lease.

Thumbnail of Primrose Glam RollThumbnail of Silver Stone Glam RollThumbnail of Indigo Glam RollThumbnail of Raspberry Glam RollThumbnail of Sea Glass Glam RollThumbnail of Kiwi Glam Roll

happy shopping.

much love,

mary morgan