Monday, November 29, 2010

life lately.

i went to the beach for a few days pre-thanksgiving.

i really really didn't want to come back.

my mom told me i had to.

(sanibel island, fla.)

katie, please dont hurt me for putting this photo up. it was the only photo i had of us. sorry.

we got to stay at my friend, katie connell's beach house, it was beautiful. and the reason she isn't in this photo is because she was on the phone with her precious grandparents. no, they weren't precious, they were beyond precious. they took us out to eat one night. they were adorable.

thank you katie connell for a great trip!

(captiva island, fla.)

and the big news of my life lately is..

my cousin laura is getting married!

she got engaged on thanksgiving day. i am so excited to help her plan and to be the made-of-honor. we have a lot to do before june! but i was born to plan and i cant wait.

happy monday.

much love,

mary morgan

Thursday, November 18, 2010


a little inspiration from mother teresa for today..

(click on image for larger version)

and its not to early to start thinking about christmas presents either, and what a better gift than a gift that GIVES BACK.

check out some new 147 million orphans designs that can feed a child for a week in haiti and uganda. it is truly a perfect gift. you can order online or find them at some local stores like posh or the shoppes on main in franklin.


also mocha club, another great organization, has started fasionABLE, a line of scarves and other goods to help create sustainable living for women in africa.

the scarves are only $22 and super cute. learn more here.

i love christmas.

and great organizations.

sorry if its too early for christmas talk for some of you, we decorated for christmas at the store this week and i just cant help it. i love it.

happy thursday.

much love,

mary morgan

Monday, November 15, 2010

i wish you joy.

10" by 10" on stretched 1" canvas

email me or leave a comment if interested.

more to come.

much love,

mary morgan

decorate your desktop.

there is no excuse not to have a pretty desktop background.

everyone needs one.

i believe it helps you work better.

and be more productive.

and be a better employee.

so if your boss comes looking over your shoulder tell him/her that you are trying to improve your work ethic. they cant argue that right?

so i have brought some pretty wallpapers all to one place so you can choose your favorite..

cath has more than just floral prints, but i love floral prints. too much. ask my roommates.

i have this one on my computer right now (above), i thought it was very autumn-esque.

Lilly Pulitzer

lilly has more designs on her website, this one was my favorite. she comes out with new ones every season.

kidlark releases a desktop calendar each month, they are super cute.

i am sure there are a TON more out there but these are some of my favorites.

happy monday.

much love,

mary morgan

Monday, November 1, 2010

a farmhouse.

when i think, dream home.. this is the picture that comes to mind.

i love this farmhouse.

this home was featured in country living several years ago and has burned an image in my head of the dreamiest farmhouse.

the outside is simply beautiful and the inside isn't so bad either.. check it out.

to find out more about the home owner and carrie raphael designs click here.

much love,

mary morgan