Sunday, March 27, 2011


my obsession with cath kidston is unhealthy.

when i grow up i want to create joyful products just like her.

when i came across her new royal wedding products, i just about fainted with joy.

you can ask my roommate.

i just love kate. and will too.

Royal Wedding KeyringRoyal Wedding MugRoyal Wedding Souvenir T-shirtRoyal Wedding Resuable BagRoyal Wedding Souvenir KeyringRoyal Wedding Souvenir Tea Towel

and dont even get me started on these..

Bouquet Applique Doctor's BagEmbroidered Linen Clutch

or these..

 Set of 2 Square Cake TinsAntique Rose Bath Sheet

or these..

Tiny Rose PlimsollsDancing Daisies Plimsolls

oh cath, come to america please. your killing me.


much love,

mary morgan

Monday, March 14, 2011

airstream song.

(all images from romantic home, airstream by magnolia pearl)

easily one of my favorite songs.

much love,

mary morgan

Sunday, March 13, 2011

five days.

this is my best friend laura..

and this is katie..

and together we are..

and in five days we will be here..

five days.

i cant wait.

i already made the playlist.

much love,

mary morgan

Monday, March 7, 2011

bad hair day.

this is what happens when you try to curl your hair with a round brush..

dont do it.

dont do it.

dont do it.

dont even think about trying it.

i came very very close to cutting it off my head. it was that bad.

needless to say..

it was a bad hair day.

but i hope the picture makes you day a little better.

much love,

mary morgan

Sunday, March 6, 2011

running in the grass barefoot.

this candle...

smells like this..

my home.
my childhood.
bike rides.

i'm in love.. with this candle.

"when life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. and when life is bitter, say thank you and grow." -shauna niequist, bittersweet

i hope your life is sweet today!

much love,

mary morgan

ps- if you would like the above candle we just happen to sell them at lulu.. 345 main street franklin, tennessee.

wedding season.

an excuse to buy new dresses and new shoes..

.. but of course the most important thing is to witness my friends enter into holy matrimony.


(all adorableness above can be found on

much love,

mary morgan

house sweet house.

i refuse to call anything else home except the farm. it may be unhealthy. but i just do. i refuse.

but my sweet little townhouse is growing on me more and more everyday.

this past weekend i bought some zinnias and planted them on our patio in big pots. i figured it was the easiest thing not to kill.

they are one of my favorite parts about summer. and my mom can grow them like its no ones business. but then again she has a green thumb the size of texas.

i will keep you posted.

yesterday at the salon i met a lady who is a jane austen expert. she is writing a dissertation on jane's novels and travels around and talks about the books. isnt that the coolest job ever?

you can find the above jane austen mug on etsy, just follow the link above.

enjoy your home today. (or house, if your stubborn like me)

much love,

mary morgan

Friday, March 4, 2011


go buy a cupcake today.

just because.

or because i am telling you to.

enjoy the simple things of life.

just do it.

much love,

mary morgan

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

daily truths.

i came across the blog of melody ross a few days ago and i think it's safe to say i have already read 90% of all of her blog.

melody's husband was in an accident that left him with some severe brain damage for a few years and melody chronicles the ups and downs of their marriage through her blog. it is very inspiring to see her love for her husband and just how much faith can do.

Boots 1

if you have time read this post.

not only was melody a wonder woman through out the two years it took for her husband to recover, but she also used her time and energy to help other women who might be going through daily life struggles and founded brave girls club. a club that generally just celebrates life and being brave. they hold the cutest little camps and retreats for women.

oh and she owns a scrapbooking supply company called chatterbox inc.

so creative.

!melody crown 1

every day they send out a sweet little email called "daily truths" and here is todays..

every girl can use a little encouragement cant they?

sign up for the daily truths here.

wishing you the very, very best!

much love,

mary morgan