Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a yard sale.

i absolutely love yard sales. especially throwing yard sales. so i am doing just that.

once upon a time i had a plan. if i did not find a job by fall i was going to spend some time doing mission work in haiti. but sometimes our plans don't match what God has planned for us.

even though i have a big girl job, that does not mean i am going to leave my hopes of helping haiti behind.

so i am holding a sale. i am calling it a yard sale but it will actually be held in a field and it wont just be old stuff, it will be cool stuff too. i promise. so please come out to support a great cause.

all the proceeds will go to A Healthier Haiti, the missionary and aid group that i was going to work with.

if you would like to help, donate items, or have questions how you can help please email me at rebeccaandvirginia@gmail.com or leave a comment.

much love,

mary morgan


  1. This looks awesome! What a blessing this will be to the people of Haiti. Thank you so much for doing what you can to help out the broken people of Haiti. Only God can heal Haiti and you're allowing yourself to be his instrument. Keep up all the hard work! It will pay off.

  2. Hey Mary Morgan!! I have some stuff that I would like to donate if you are still taking stuff--a couple of lamps and some curtains...don't know if you want that kind of thing, but if you do, let me know where I can drop it off. love you!

  3. oh i love yard sales! but i am too disorganized to have one myself :) i hope yours goes well!
    xo meg