Monday, July 12, 2010

i love world market.

we don't have a world market in franklin yet, but i like it that way. because if we did have a world market in franklin i would go there every single day and have zero dollars in my bank account. world market kind of reminds me of the way pier one used to be, simple and great prices.

this past weekend i trekked all the way up to hendersonville to spend the night with my long lost roommate and best friend, katie b. callis to do a little shopping and introduce her to anne of avonlea (the sequel to anne of green gables, rent it at your local library) and of course i demanded that we go to world market. demanded, she did not put up a fight, she knows me to well.

world market never ceases to surprise me with their simple classics and amazingly cheap prices.

here are a view of my favorite world market finds, old and new. (sorry for quality of pictures, i took them with my phone)

these are my favorite cups, i bought four the first time i saw them and when my mom saw them, she fell in love too. so she bought eight so that we would together have a set of twelve for showers and parties. i also bought the everyday cups that match for my apartment. they are my favorite cups. and only $2.99 each. im serious.

my mom uses the goblets to decorate in our kitchen.

i bought these cute little measuring spoons the other night, also only $2.99. wow.

these reusable coffee cups come in a wide range of colors and patterns in store, but i loved the classic white and blue. i cant wait to start my big girl job and use this little cutie everyday. only $6.99. amazing.

you can buy them in pairs from their website, in green and red. but i recommend going to the store and check out the color selection. but if you do not have a world market and are forced to shop online, i guess green and red will just have to do.

katie and i bought this cooler/grill bag for our friends that just got married. they will be living in colorado and we thought this would be a great addition to the many camping trips they will be taking, cause isn't that what everyone does every weekend in colorado? i mean i would. i secretly wanted to buy one, but i dont live in colorado. so i bought a coffee cup instead.

and this is what i wanted to buy, but i didn't. its called self control. i just love polka dots.

happy shopping, tell your bank account i am sorry.

much love,

mary morgan

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  1. I love world market. It took me until this past year to even know it existed. It is a great place with great prices. So glad to see that you are sharing the Anne movies to others.