Friday, July 2, 2010

a good deal.

i can never turn down a good deal, especially for something i love. today i found these cuties at hobby lobby for only $2 a piece and then smaller dessert plates for only $1.40. so naturally i bought every last one in stock. for only $18 I got a set of 4 green striped plates and dessert plates and one pink plate.

i just couldn't resist. how cute are they?

oh, and i made the pioneer woman's cinnamon rolls for the last day of camp yesterday, just trust me and make them. find the recipe here.

and why we are on the pioneer woman subject, if you do not have her blog on your bookmark bar, go ahead and do yourself a favor and add it. your life will be changed forever. and read black heels to tractor wheels: a love story. and no this is not a paid for advertisement.

happy blogging.

much love,

mary morgan

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