Friday, July 9, 2010

how great thou art.

this piece was an on going process. i started it this spring, finished the background and then it sat on my dining room table for months. literally, ask my roommates. the reason i couldn't finish it was because i was trying to think of the perfect phrase or quote to write on it. but then it hit me, a hymn. i absolutely love hymns. they are filled with simple truths. i even have a hymns mixed cd. its filled with my favorite country and bluegrass singers singing old songs, and i love it. so do my friends, on a road trip back from atlanta last summer we listened to it the whole way back. okay, enough about hymns.

this is for sale. it is a 12 by 24 acrylic on canvas. the background color is a mossy green, dark robins egg blue center and white lettering. it is $45. please email me at if you are interested.

much love,

mary morgan

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