Monday, November 29, 2010

life lately.

i went to the beach for a few days pre-thanksgiving.

i really really didn't want to come back.

my mom told me i had to.

(sanibel island, fla.)

katie, please dont hurt me for putting this photo up. it was the only photo i had of us. sorry.

we got to stay at my friend, katie connell's beach house, it was beautiful. and the reason she isn't in this photo is because she was on the phone with her precious grandparents. no, they weren't precious, they were beyond precious. they took us out to eat one night. they were adorable.

thank you katie connell for a great trip!

(captiva island, fla.)

and the big news of my life lately is..

my cousin laura is getting married!

she got engaged on thanksgiving day. i am so excited to help her plan and to be the made-of-honor. we have a lot to do before june! but i was born to plan and i cant wait.

happy monday.

much love,

mary morgan

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  1. Captiva and Sanibel are the best! of my favorite places in the world! And congrats to Laura and David!!!