Monday, November 15, 2010

decorate your desktop.

there is no excuse not to have a pretty desktop background.

everyone needs one.

i believe it helps you work better.

and be more productive.

and be a better employee.

so if your boss comes looking over your shoulder tell him/her that you are trying to improve your work ethic. they cant argue that right?

so i have brought some pretty wallpapers all to one place so you can choose your favorite..

cath has more than just floral prints, but i love floral prints. too much. ask my roommates.

i have this one on my computer right now (above), i thought it was very autumn-esque.

Lilly Pulitzer

lilly has more designs on her website, this one was my favorite. she comes out with new ones every season.

kidlark releases a desktop calendar each month, they are super cute.

i am sure there are a TON more out there but these are some of my favorites.

happy monday.

much love,

mary morgan

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