Thursday, December 2, 2010

the encyclopedia of sewing.

people always ask me about sewing and tell me they want to learn.

believe it or not before i went to college to study textiles and apparel i could sew a straight line but that was about it.

but after many, many classes and hours upon hours stuck behind a sewing machine in the clothing lab i finally got a good grasp on the whole thing.

i mean they gave me a diploma. so i think i can call my self a sewer now.

but i am still learning everyday.

last year for christmas i got this book and it basically condenses down what i learned over the past four years into a simple version. i highly recommend it if you want to learn more about sewing or if you are a self-taught sewer and just want to go back for some refresher terms.

learning about your fabrics is key. and this book breaks down and defines the basic textiles that you might be using.

i just love everything about textiles. its fascinating to me.

so thanks again martha for teaching us.

i have been waiting for the fabric store to open so i can go pick out some yummy fabrics for a client. did i tell you i love my job?

much love,

mary morgan

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  1. did you post this with me in mind??!! :) I will put this book on my Christmas list because I do need to learn more about how to sew with different fabrics. Thanks for the advice! Wish I could've gotten to talk to you longer on Sunday...we are always surrounded now that Mr. Eli is here! Kyle talked about how cute you were when we left church!