Thursday, June 3, 2010

a love story.

once upon a time.. a girl graduated from college. this girls parents had no idea what to get her for her graduation present and she too was at a loss..

then one day it hit her. there was one item that had been on her wish list for years, but it was one of those items that was on her wish list that was more of a dream item wish list.. with items like a pretty white flat screen tv or a boat or a house in seaside or a volvo suv.

but the time had come, the dream was coming true. she could finally cross one item off of her dream wish list. THE kitchen aid mixer.

so she rushed to the nearest computer, googled the kitchen aid website, looked at the color options (which there are tons of great options, fyi) and she saw it, there it was. it was love at first sight.. ice blue.
after calling every local store that sells ANYTHING in the greater nashville area, she was forced to order this slice of heaven over the internet, sigh.

and after many, many, MANY days of waiting... it arrived.

it was true love, she jumped, she screamed, she was like a little child on christmas receiving her first two-wheeled bike. paper was flying, instructions were lost, styrofoam torn and there she was...

world, meet loretta the mixer.

its time to bake.

much love,

mary morgan


  1. Oh that is so exciting. The ice blue one is my favorite color too. Have you baked any cakes yet or made any other fun desserts?

    I hope you enjoy your pretty new mixer. (ps the volvo suv is on my wish/dream list too!)

  2. I have this exact one! So pretty and usful :)

    Enjoy baking... share pics of all your baked goodies