Monday, June 21, 2010

a country wedding.

sometimes i help with various weddings and this past weekend i got to help with a wedding just down the road from my farm. i was helping the wedding planner/coordinator/florist/saint, she is wonder woman, and assisting her with whatever she needed, including hauling stumps, attempting to move a four-wheeler and arranging place settings. it was quite an eventful day. and to top it off it was extremely hot. not just hot, EXTREMELY hot. unbearable. i have never been so sweaty and worn out, i have even been to a hot yoga class in a 96 degree workout room and it couldn't compare to this heat. but altogether it was a beautiful wedding. very simple. very relaxed. and very country. it was my kind of wedding. here are some pictures i snapped with my phone in between duties. enjoy.

this is the backdrop for the ceremony.
there was a beautiful tree lined driveway behind them and
fun ribbons and flowers hanging from the trees.

this was the beautiful home. the bride walked out of the
double front doors and down the aisle.

this vintage truck greeted the guests as they arrived.
the guest book was on the tail gate and gifts were
placed in the back of the truck. too cute.

here is the beautiful reception area. sorry for the sunlight,
i snapped this in between running back and forth to the barn.
there were stringed lights and a custom made dance floor.
loveless barn catered and you better believe i ate a million biscuits.

i love a simple country wedding. it was a happy day.

much love,

mary morgan

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