Saturday, May 15, 2010


i know all of you are probably wandering where i have been, all two of you out there who read this thing. well i have been a little busy you see. last saturday i did this little thing called... graduate from college. it was fun.. i guess. mostly weird. and then i went to florida with my girl friends, we call ourselves the unbirthdays. i am convinced that that trip was a blessing because it helped suppress our feelings of "oh crap, i graduated? there's no more school? what am i going to do with my life?" but now that i am back, back at home to be more exact, those feelings are creeping back up on me. stay away!

so here are some pics from the festivities... and my best witty commentary to keep you entertained.

here i am standing so patiently on stage... please note my adorable stick on collar they so kindly provided. and my facial expression? i didn't know if i was supposed to have a ridiculous smile the whole time and i didn't want to sit there like i was bored out of my gourd so i think i went with half and half.

here i am praying on stage. thank you hope for taking this picture. i'm telling mom you didn't have your eyes closed!

here i am saying blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... it wasn't exciting or moving. just some faculty awards.

and then i ran back to my seat on the floor so that i could be alphabetically in line for this....the moment my parents have been waiting four years for... president lowry was so glad to see me!

here i am with my all time favorite teacher at lipscomb. mrs. kathy bates. she's my textiles and apparel role model.

here are my beautiful best friends. we are the unbirthdays. (liz is not pictured) i kind of think we could form our own nashville version of the rocketts, in fact when we were at disney world this past week someone did ask us if we were a dance team, to which i said..yes, yes we are.

and here is my first friend i made at lipscomb. we bonded over the fact that she had a crush on the older brother of my crush. confusing i know. neither of us followed through on our crushes (thank the lord) but we did stay friends all four years. so thank you to our freshmen year crushes for bringing us together.

and here is my favorite picture from the day. it was after gradation and we were all running separate ways but we had to get a picture together.. the three amigos. and even though we are not living together anymore i know that no mountain is to high, no river to small to separate us. we are kindred spirits.

so now that i am on the verge of tears i guess its time to stop typing. there is a reese witherspoon movie on, got to go.

until next time.

much love,

mary morgan


  1. They gave you a collar? How odd. I love that you used the phrase "kindred spirits" reminds me of Anne of green gables

  2. Mary Mo! Congrats on graduating friend. I really liked your "I Sew" post... I might have to make one of those little dresses for myself :)