Monday, September 26, 2011

twenty-four hours in nyc.

my best friend katie and i went on a trip to new york city. for twenty four hours. you heard that right. we are wild and crazy.

we flew out of nashville, flew to dc, then made it to new york by 11am.

we immediately hit central park for some lunch and then worked our way down fifth avenue.

we saw jill form the real housewives of new york at henri bendel. and this lady goes, "did you see jill?" and i said, "um no, i'm looking at tori burch, don't bother me."

just kidding. i didn't say that. but i thought that.

we literally shopped till we dropped.... at rockefeller center.

yummy dessert and coffee on the rink.

and i bought a hat. it just felt right.

that night we made it to iguana (my friends uncle's restaurant)
for some yummy guacamole and lovely music.

then the next morning we woke up bright and early for regis and kelly.

somehow we were late, i don't know how that happened. so when we got there we were in a group of seat fillers. but when we walked in the studio this lady pulled us
to the front and told us to sit down in the reserved seats, on the front row, so we did,
you can see everyone in the audience giving us evil eyes. sorry...

to prove we were actually on tv.. thanks ashleigh for the freeze frame!

there's kelly and andy cohen (guest co-host) and james marsden. oh my.

and then kelly changed in to this outfit to stomp grapes. and she was still adorable.

and there's gelman behind kelly running the show.

we ran out the door, jumped in a taxi and headed back to la gaurdia. as we jumped out of the taxi the man yelled, "take a bus next time" and i yelled back "thank you" in my best southern accent.

then we flew back to the south were we belong.

the end.

happy monday.

much love,

mary morgan

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  1. My husband also had a 24 hour NYC trip with his brother many years ago. Looks like you had fun and I LOVE your hat and top!