Sunday, August 28, 2011


i am looking forward to september for the following reasons:

-i get to start the month off right, at the beach with some new and old friends.

-house churches start back and i get to be a part of one discussing one of my favorite books, bittersweet. cant wait to talk about it with some great girls.

-i will finally be the owner of a new-er car. but i almost cried when i started thinking about giving up 'the great escape.'

-and last but not least.. september will be AWESOME because i get to go to LIVE with regis and kelly. heres how it all went down: ashleigh and landis went last month to see regis and kelly and my best friend katie got it in her mind that we needed to go too (they just looked like they had so much fun). so katie wrote a letter to regis and kelly (in a very cute way.. she's an art teacher) and they gave us tickets! so september 16th tune-in and watch for a blonde and brunette in the audience. we will be spending one night in NYC then flying back to nashville for the taylor swift concert (my mom is wonderful and got my sister and i tickets and taylor is my guilty pleasure). i am beyond excited for those 48 hours of fun.

bon voyage!

much love,

mary morgan

ps- my moms blogging about farming! check out the gentry farm blog here.

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