Tuesday, July 19, 2011


so i had a little party for my birthday. well it was kind of big. thirty of my closest friends and fireworks were involved.

all my wonderful friends came out to franklin for an evening of farm fun. we ate gentry farm natural beef burgers, watermelon, strawberry cake, cold sundrop, (from a glass bottle of course) played gentry farm camp games and watched fireworks.

some people even ended up simming in the river.

it was magical.

and i have no idea how i am going to top it next year. needless to say, it was a wonderful birthday. i am so grateful for each and every person who helped me celebrate.

austin and baker playing checkers gentry farm camp style, with bottle caps.

paper straws courtesy of lulu.

my perpetually cute best friends katie.

i love my friends.

we ate family style. of course.

lots of games were played.

more beautiful friends.

i dont do candid very well.

playing corn hole, on gingham boards of course!

and last but not least, my pretty roommates. so grateful for our friendship.

and for libby's fantastic photography skills. thanks so much for the pictures. they make me so very happy.

you captured the night perfectly.

i think i am going to throw parties like this more often.

like every month.

much love,

mary morgan

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