Monday, June 20, 2011

sweet summertime.

summer so far has been pretty wonderful.

there is just something about summertime that makes anything seem possible and everything seem a little bit more special.

like late nights on the patio with my beautiful friends. it may just be a 8 by 10 slab of concrete with neighbors 2 feet away but i love that little patio.

and sweet small town events with a very, very special man.

and watching the rain fall on my little flowers i have been watching grow.

and spending my mondays wandering around my favorite antique store.

and summer weddings always seem to be just extra magical. especially when they involve a cousin/best friend. which was the sweetest night and wedding experience ever. ever. everything about that night makes me smile and laugh and giggle.

i have lots of things to be thankful for this summer.

here are some pictures of my sweet, sweet summer.

(excuse the quality, my camera battery has been missing ever since i moved, so all pictures were taken with my phone)

the franklin theater opening with my sweet grandfather.

lauras wedding reception.
the biggest AND best party the farm has ever seen.
we should have one every weekend.

sweet and special table decor.

for fathers day we got my dad a new shotgun.
and by we i mean, my brother called me and told me i owed him money for said gun.

and here is a fun fact about me.

i have never shot a gun.

i have always been super scared. i dont want that power in my hands!

but i conquered my fears on this fathers day and attempted to shoot a little bird house.

and missed.

but practice makes perfect.

my mom got up and shot the bird house on her first shot.

cause she's just awesome like that.

so here's to trying new things and more sweet summer memories.

next up? learning to drive the tractor.

bring it, summer.

much love,

mary morgan

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