Sunday, March 6, 2011

house sweet house.

i refuse to call anything else home except the farm. it may be unhealthy. but i just do. i refuse.

but my sweet little townhouse is growing on me more and more everyday.

this past weekend i bought some zinnias and planted them on our patio in big pots. i figured it was the easiest thing not to kill.

they are one of my favorite parts about summer. and my mom can grow them like its no ones business. but then again she has a green thumb the size of texas.

i will keep you posted.

yesterday at the salon i met a lady who is a jane austen expert. she is writing a dissertation on jane's novels and travels around and talks about the books. isnt that the coolest job ever?

you can find the above jane austen mug on etsy, just follow the link above.

enjoy your home today. (or house, if your stubborn like me)

much love,

mary morgan

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