Wednesday, March 2, 2011

daily truths.

i came across the blog of melody ross a few days ago and i think it's safe to say i have already read 90% of all of her blog.

melody's husband was in an accident that left him with some severe brain damage for a few years and melody chronicles the ups and downs of their marriage through her blog. it is very inspiring to see her love for her husband and just how much faith can do.

Boots 1

if you have time read this post.

not only was melody a wonder woman through out the two years it took for her husband to recover, but she also used her time and energy to help other women who might be going through daily life struggles and founded brave girls club. a club that generally just celebrates life and being brave. they hold the cutest little camps and retreats for women.

oh and she owns a scrapbooking supply company called chatterbox inc.

so creative.

!melody crown 1

every day they send out a sweet little email called "daily truths" and here is todays..

every girl can use a little encouragement cant they?

sign up for the daily truths here.

wishing you the very, very best!

much love,

mary morgan

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