Monday, October 25, 2010

rockin' my world.

a few weeks ago our house church leader gave us all a cd of some of her favorite worship music. there was one song on the mix that i just put on repeat over and over and over. and i tried searching for a week a couple of words of the lyrics to find out who sang this song (yes, i said week, i couldnt remember enough of the lyrics) and FINALLY i found who sang it and my world changed..

ladies, and lets be real, ladies.. meredith andrews.

i immediately went and bought her new cd on itunes for my weekend trip to atlanta. i love spending time driving alone and especially when i have new music to listen to.

by the time i was on my way back home today i had learned almost all the words of the cd and i just couldn't get enough of every song. each one has a different message yet applies to my life and love for our Lord. i found myself in tears of joy driving down monteagle mountain singing my heart out. people probably thought i was a mad woman. oh well.

after a little bit of research i found out meredith is not only a songwriter/singer but she is also a worship leader in the chicago area and you better believe if i am ever in the area i am heading to that church.

i love all of the songs of this cd, but especially " come home" which she wrote for her brother and "what it means to love" which she wrote after meeting an HIV positive boy in haiti. its good stuff.

this is the song i had on repeat for a good week. please go check out her music. it will rock your world, just like its rockin' mine.

In Your Arms

I’m turning the world off
Embracing the silence
Walking away from all the voices
That are Screaming in my ear

I've been too caught up
I've been so stressed out
All of the noise replaced the whisper
That used to be so clear

So I close every door
Put my face back on the floor

And I'm in Your arms
Where I belong
There's no other place for me
Than right where You are
Some things just don't change
When I call Your name
You never hesitate to wrap me in endless grace
When I'm in Your arms

I’m letting my fears go
Giving You control
For You are the one who holds me closer
In my soul's darkest night

Everything I see
Is so temporary
So help me to run the race before me
With eternity in sight

Now I close every door
Put my face back on the floor

To sit at Your feet
At Your table of mercy
To gaze on Your beauty, my Lord
To drink from Your well
And be changed by Your glory
How could I ask for more
Jesus, how could I ask for more

much love,

mary morgan

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