Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a very merry un-birthday party

i have always loved to throw a good party. from planning to decorating to entertaining. i love it all. i have a close group of college girl friends and we call ourselves ''the un-birthdays" and i have a little party up my sleeve for them as a graduation present. shhhh.

we are going to have a very merry un-birthday tea party at my farm and here are some pictures that i have drawn inspiration from.

step one. invites. i'm loving these invites above.

i plan on placing the table under the trees with some
miss matched chairs and light and airy linens like these.
and of course tons of pretty flowers.

and every one at the tea party is going to need a hat!
i liked the playfulness of the polka dots above.

and i'm loving these banners.
maybe we will hang some from the trees.

and fun festive treats!

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