Thursday, February 25, 2010

a beach dream.

i believe in the power of seasonal depression. i have never disliked a season so much. spring break is fifteen short days away and i have discovered my dream beach getaway. all i need is 80 degree weather and im packing up and headed south to cumberland island georgia.

just down the coast from savannah is a beautifully protected barrier island. this island was once owned by the carnegies (yes, the wealthy ones) and is now a national park. to get to the island you must take a ferry and once your their you have two choices of transportation: by foot or by bike. its true love.

there is an inn on the island, greyfield inn (a little pricey for this college girl) or you can reserve a camp site, by the sea. this is where they got me. can you imagine spending the night walking on the beach, miles away from the busy world and snoozing to the sound of waves and the beach breeze. a dream, right?

not only are there beautifully undeveloped beaches but there are also beautiful ruins, wild horses and shady lanes, perfect for bike rides (the notebook style). three of my favorite things.

i cant wait to visit this island and make my dreams become reality. one day.

but for now, i am perfectly fine hibernating in my warm bed, sipping hot tea and dreaming of the beach.

much love,

mary morgan

ps- for more info about the island click here.

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