Thursday, February 3, 2011

by the sea.

yesterday a lady came into the store whose daughter is also named mary morgan.

so she then proceeded to tell me about how she came up with the name, and i am just going to tell it to you straight- they wanted her name to symbolize where they got pregnant with her.

yes. a complete stranger told me this.

and then it was as if she told me the secret to life..

morgan means "by the sea."

this explains everything.

my deep deep deep love and admiration for the beach, for the sand, for the sun, for the cute accessories and swimsuits...

it all makes sense now.

so i took the liberty to collect some beach goods below to help us all remember those warm days at the beach and pretend we are all packing our bags..

(click on image for larger version)

sunglasses- banana republic, paisley swimsuit- j.crew, beach hat- j.crew, dress, necklace, sandals, and beach cover-up- piperlime, beach bag- funktion

until warmer weather..

much love,

mary morgan

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