Friday, January 28, 2011

a day off.

today i was forced to take the day off.

i still haven't unpacked from my trip to atlanta two weeks ago.


today i plan on doing the following..

- 20 loads of laundry

- yoga. because i don't remember the last time i did yoga.

- visit the craft store. because its where i belong.

- watch jerry mcguire. because its always on E! and no matter how much i dislike tom cruise i still love the ending of that movie.

- go to trader joes and buy hydrangeas. because they are my favorite. and i need them.

- finish reading one of the three books i am currently reading.

- go to sonic happy hour. because i miss happy hour.

- wear tennis shoes. because i am always more productive when i am wearing my tennis shoes.

- look at flights to the beach. look at flights to the caribbean. look at flights to montana. look at flights to NYC. i need a vacation.

- clean the garage and organize my craft room. because my craft room is the garage.

- bake something. because its what i do.

much love,

mary morgan

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