Monday, September 20, 2010

my favorite time of year.

its that time of the year again, fall, my favorite season. i get mondays off, so the past couple of mondays i have gone home to help my family prepare for the 2010 fall season starting next weekend. i am sort of sad that my new big girl job will prevent me from helping on saturdays, but you better bet i will be there every sunday selling people pumpkins and bossing people around, i am just kidding, but kind of.

we got some corn whole boards made this summer for the fall and mom let me decide what to paint them, so i came up with an ''americana" theme if you will..

don't they just make you wanna cook hamburgers and eat corn on the cob?

(my bro helped me on the plaid, he is talented)

and today i was beckoned to make these signs, they always call on me to help when something needs to be painted. but i don't mind. i like painting. and i like them. and they buy me mexican food and diet coke.

so now YOU have got to come on out to the farm this fall and check out all of my hard work.

and we have a new and improved website.. check it out here. things are getting fancy at the gentry farm.

much love,

mary morgan

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  1. i love it! Can't wait to come buy a pumpkin!