Thursday, April 8, 2010

pure joy.

i cannot even put into words how much joy the artwork of tricia robinson brings to this young southern girls life. check out her website and adorable blog. i am convinced we are kindred spirits (she talks about anne of green gables a lot) and would love to paint with her one day. on my recent trip to 30-A i halted my bike one day as we were riding past a little art shop to take a peak and i swear my heart skipped a beat, i as so excited! i cant wait till she comes to nashville to the harding academy art show at the end of april! here are some of my favorites (although i am pretty sure i would adore anything she created)....

this cake makes my heart smile every time.

this is the life i have always dreamed of.
home sweet home, dancing in the moonlight and a good southern boy in gingham.

i want to buy this one for my dad, although i just dont think
he would appreciate it as much as i would.

if you are ever having a bad day here is what you need to do:
go get yourself a cruiser, a basket and go for a ride.
it will bring your heart instant joy. pure joy.

thank you for spreading the joy.

much love,

mary morgan

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